Cooling with Solar Ventilation

Cooling with SolarVenti is easy! Say goodbye to the days of expensive Summer electricity bills from excessive air-con and electric fan usage. When it’s a typical hot Australian Summer’s day, SolarVenti can be used to fan in the cool air from the shaded side of your house, then filter out excess humidity along with any air pollutants. The best part is, its 100% free to run. So, what are you waiting for?

How to Cool with Solar Air Ventilation

Solar powered ventilation is a simple and environmentally sensible way to cool your home, roof, basement, shed, or workplace and save you money on your electricity bill. Powered completely by free solar energy, our high-quality Ventilation Kit for cooling addition means you can keep you cooler in Summer.

The models SV7 / SV14 / SV20 and SV30 can be used to cool with the Ventilation Kit for cooling addition, which contains an extra fan. This extra fan is installed in a facade on the house’s shadow side and gets connected to the SolarVenti Control or thermostat inside the house.

When the indoor temperature exceeds the maximum set on the thermostat, the solar air collector stops running. Instead, the extra fan will take over thus making it possible to shift between cool and warm air input according to your needs. The extra fan will supply cool air from the shady side of the house therefore lowering the indoor temperature.

The extra fan on the house’s shady side is driven by a solar cell, which is mounted in the SolarVenti solar air collector panel. This also means the extra fan has no operating cost or maintenance.

The function of the SolarVenti Ventilation kit for Cooling is to improve air circulation, reducing heat & moisture build up and resulting in a healthier and more energy efficient home.


A HEALTHY home, a COOL home in Summer, a WARM home in Winter, a DRY home all year round, a GREEN home and SAVINGS on your electricity bill. What more could you want from your SolarVenti Ventilation System!