Do you store a classic car in your shed? Do your tools ever get rusty? Does your man cave get stuffy? SolarVenti is for you.

Protect your Garage & Shed contents

Classic Cars

Every vintage, classic or prestige car owner scrupulously maintain their beloved classic car and does everything to have their dream vehicle in as mint condition as possible. This includes eliminating all factors that might have a harmful effect on their cherished vehicle.

To best store your automotive when not in use, it is important it is to protect your pride and joy by ensuring the place of storage is in a dry building with ample ventilation. Airborne moisture inside the garage can lead to rust – the worst nightmare for any classic car owner. If your storing your car in a metal or brick garage this is even more prevalent as these materials tend to inhibit the garages ability to breath. When storing a classic car, it is also best practice to store in temperatures of around 10 – 20 degrees Celsius and ensure the humidity level is as low as possible. The SolarVenti ventilation system not only removes humidity and moisture from the air to keep your garage dry, but it also filters out any other airborne pollutants, including the detrimental salt air we all know too well on the coast of Australia. The SolarVenti can also be used to maintain the optimum temperature inside your garage with a cooling fan addition to push in cool air from the shaded side of your shed and push out the warm stale air.

Tools & Materials Storage

If you are storing tools and other materials such as timber in your shed, it is extremely important to make sure limited moisture content is present in the indoor air. Nobody wants a rusty toolbox or damp timber!

Working with hand power tools can be dangerous, especially if the equipment is not properly maintained. DIY safely by keeping tools in good nick to get the longest lifetime out of your tools. To prevent rust, store your kit in a dry place and always keep tools as dry as possible to prevent rusting blades and warping timber handles. If a tool gets wet while in use, wipe it with a soft dry cloth before storing it. If it’s sweaty or greasy, clean it with a damp cloth then wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Keep moisture at bay with a well-ventilated shed or garage. SolarVenti is a free to run solar ventilation system that will keep your shed or garage indoor air humidity free and moister free all year round. You will never have to buy new tools because the old ones are rusty. Extend the lifespan of your tools.

Keep your man cave a comfortable temperature small free zone:

If you’re spending a lot of time in your shed, installing a SolarVenti means you can kick back in your man cave in comfort. It means comfortable temperatures all year round with its heating and cooling functionalities. It means a well-ventilated space, so bad smells and odours won’t linger and fresh, filtered, purified air is pushed through.

Healthier Air, Comfortable Temperature, Dry & Humidity Free

SolarVenti improves your indoor air quality to prevent asthma, dust mites, allergies, mould, termites, dry rot and seasonal illnesses. The SolarVenti inbuilt air filter removes pollutants and humidity while providing fresh natural air flow into the area.

Say goodbye to the days of excessive sweating while sitting out in the shed, and expensive Summer electricity bills from air-con and electric fan usage. When it’s a typical hot sunny Australian day, SolarVenti can be used to fan in the cool air from the shaded side of your shed, then filter out excess humidity along with any air pollutants. The best part is, its 100% free to run. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t freeze out in the shed. Harness the power of the sun to heat your home! Solar air heating your shed with a solar ventilation system means no expensive electricity bills in Winter. Stay warm inside while maintaining air circulation, filtering out airborne pollutions and not emitting any harmful toxins into the environment.

Although we can’t see it, there is always moisture in the air. This dampness not only makes your shed uncomfortably humid, but can also cause mould to grow on walls, fabric and furniture which is unsightly and unhealthy. It can cause paint to bubble and wallpaper to peel off. Ventilation is vital to replace moist, stale air with fresh clean air.

A HEALTHY shed, a COOL shed in Summer, a WARM shed in Winter, a DRY shed all year round, a GREEN shed and SAVINGS on your electricity bill. What more could you want from your SolarVenti Ventilation System!