Heating for Yoga & Breathing

Heated power flow yoga classes with no heating running costs are no worries with SolarVenti. Use natural, filtered air flow for your yoga studio.

Remove sweat odours from your sports business

If you own a gym, basketball stadium, change rooms, or other indoor sports facility, you know that the body odours can become a bit smelly!

Changing rooms, particularly for gyms, are difficult areas to maintain to a healthy and hygienic standard because they are filled with heat, damp and steam, an unholy trio which can cause all kinds of problems. Whether your premises showers, pool or even simple air conditioning and heating, all of these facilities are a mixture of moisture and air, which can lead to serious problems with odour and health.

Remove sweat and bad odours and replace with cool fresh air.

SolarVenti Pro ventilation system can help minimise the negative impact on the property by removing unwanted contaminants and pushing in the purified natural clean air. Ventilation systems will help keep your property a healthy, hygienic place, not to mention making it much more pleasant for your customers to use and enjoy on their visits.

SolarVenti ventilation systems serve an important function by removing excess humidity, which can cause mould and mildew to form. It will help to get rid of the steam and remove the moisture from the air.

To keep your changing rooms to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, the ventilation system will help prevent bacteria and mould growth, as well as keep the air clean and fresh throughout the building. This will help prevent that ‘muggy’ feeling in changing rooms, as well as help, inhibit mould and mildew growth by making it harder for it to grow.