Need an electrically safe solution to dry or to ventilate biomass, sludges or other biowaste?

Drying sludge, biomass and biowaste

The traditional approach to large scale drying of sludge, biomass and biowaste has been in open-air evaporation tanks and drying yards, sometimes under greenhouse structures to intensify the drying effect.

Electrical and gas-powered drying is also possible, but at large scale can be prohibitively expensive.

Solarventi Professional  brings a new approach, accelerated solar thermal drying, which can readily be integrated into existing processing facilities if required.

An array of solar collectors receive, dry and dehumidify ambient air, which is then driven by fans across and by aeration through the treatment.

SVPro solutions can be scaled to suit large commercial processing operations, right through to small operators.  The sizing of the solar collector array is driven by the rates of drying required and local solar insolation levels.  SVPro units are modular, and can be arranged in parallel runs of up to 20m in length.

Ducting, fan array, and air distribution systems can be integrated.  And it is possible to retrofit SVPro solutions to existing infrastructure and operations – reducing operating and energy costs significantly, and much improving the speed of processing.

Critically, the systems are designed with no return air required, and can be designed to achieve 100% pressurisation. Electrically safe installations for flammable and caustic environments are possible.

Safe and effective solar drying and de-humidification, that can significantly reduce processing time and enhance returns.