Caravans and Motor Homes

Camp conveniently wherever you like, with solar powered ventilation. Good caravan ventilation can eliminate mould and unpleasant odours. It is important to dehumidify and aerate your mobile home regularly to protect it against the damaging effects of dampness, mildew and rust. The SolarVenti SV3 and SV7 are the perfect size for a caravan and they work to dehumidify your caravan and replace moist, stale air with fresh, clean, purified air.

Winter evenings can get pretty chilly in outback Australia, with many hours to be passed in the van as temperatures plummet outside. To keep warm safely and effectively without power we suggest closing the van down and drawing the curtains at sundown, cooking dinner in the over, choosing cosy bedding and PJs, using floor rugs, using hot water bottles and utilising a SolarVenti.

Houseboats & Small Fiberglass Boats

Janet Groene said: “On the day we woke up with condensation dripping on our faces we knew something had to be done about the ventilation in our boat”. Sleeping and cooking aboard day in and day out creates moisture that must be dealt with on a live-aboard boat. Air inside a sealed boat is usually much more humid that outside air. Stale air creates potential for rot, corrosion, mould and mildew which damages interior equipment, furniture, upholstery, finishings and stowed gear. No matter how dry the outdoor air and how well insulated your houseboat is, moisture by the litre is created by human breathing, cooking and showering. To remove this moisture, install a SolarVenti into your houseboat. The SolarVenti will push through fresh, dry, humidity free, filtered air without needing electricity. And push out moist, stale, old air. The SolarVenti also filters out salt particles that can overtime potentially rust and damage indoor equipment not necessarily made for the ocean.

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A HEALTHY boat or caravan, a COOL boat or caravan in Summer, a WARM boat or caravan in Winter, a DRY boat or caravan all year round, and a GREEN boat or caravan. What more could you want from your SolarVenti Ventilation System!