Remove Pet Odours from your Animal Business

If you own a kennel, pet shop, animal shelter or pet boarding facilities, you know that animal odours can get a bit overwhelming. Bad odours disturb both humans and dogs.

Wet dog smell isn’t the most welcoming odour for your business. Have you ever wondered why your dog stinks right after a bath? Microorganisms like yeast and bacteria quietly live in your dog’s fur, and as long as the fur stays dry, there’s little odor, the American Chemical Society explains. But when your dog takes a bath or goes for a swim, the water causes the release of stinky compounds.

Extreme malodours such as from urine and faeces odours also can remain in the air even after cleaning. This can represent an unhygienic environment and indicate a risk of disease.

Moisture is a very big problem in kennels because it provides a prime breeding ground for the growth and spread of bacteria. Mops only serve to spread the microbes about, and it is best to opt instead for an effective professional method for neutralizing the malodours of kennel life.

The SolarVenti ventilation system pushes fresh, dry, filtered natural air into the space and forces out air that contains animal fur/hair, humidity, and other airborne impurities to leave you with a clean smelling pet shop or kennel.