The SolarVenti has plenty of uses in residential Australia. If you have a home, shed, basement, storage container, caravan or boat then the SolarVenti is for you!


SolarVenti’s solar ventilation options for homes means you and your family can live in a home that prevents asthma, mould and dust mites. It means you can live in comfortable temperatures all year round without expensive bills from air conditioners and electric heaters. It means toxic VOC’s from air fresheners, hair sprays, and other highly odouress materials are vented out. And it means a brighter future for your children and their lungs as we embrace solar-powered innovations to reduce your household’s greenhouse emissions.

Sheds & Garages

Do you store a classic car in your shed? Do your tools ever get rusty? Does your man cave get stuffy? Then SolarVenti is for you and your assets. To best store your car and tools when not in use, it is important it is to protect your pride and joy by ensuring the place of storage is in a dry building with ample continuous ventilation. Airborne moisture and salts inside the garage can lead to rust and corrosion. So prevent that nightmare and ventilate your shed or garage with a SolarVenti today.


The indoor climate of the basement is prone to experiencing greater coldness, dampness, humidity and mustiness than the rest of the home. The air is typically too static and both humidity and moisture content in walls and other building structures are too high. Where air conditioning is used in upper levels of the home, the colder, damper air will migrate to the lower levels of the house -the basement, and in turn, create the perfect environment for condensation to occur. This is when dewpoint is reached. When the SolarVenti solar air collector is mounted, the basement’s indoor air quality will significantly be improved within a few weeks and the homeowner will begin to experience the basement environment as much fresher and less humid to breathe.

Storage Containers

Whether you use your storage container in your backyard to store tools and materials or if you have used your shipping container to create a tiny home, ventilating your storage container is essential due to thermal differences between the external and internal environments. This thermal difference encourages condensation through thermal bridging and dewpoints being reached. Prevent condensation, sweating and rusting and increase indoor air quality in your container with a SolarVenti ventilation system.

Caravans & Boats

Camp conveniently wherever you like, with solar powered ventilation. Good caravan ventilation can eliminate mould and unpleasant odours. It is important to dehumidify and aerate your mobile home regularly to protect it against the damaging effects of dampness, mildew and rust.