Does your workshop warehouse get extremely stuffy and uncomfortable to work in?

WH&S for workers – Why Indoor Air Quality is important for business owners:

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in I-BEAM refers to the quality of the air inside buildings as represented by concentrations of pollutants, temperature and humidity conditions that affect the health, comfort and performance of occupants. If your industrial warehouse is dealing with toxic chemicals, adequate ventilation becomes even more important.

Workplace buildings exist to protect people from the elements and to otherwise support human activity. Buildings should not make people sick, cause them discomfort, or otherwise inhibit their ability to perform. In hot working conditions, the body works harder in an attempt to cool down. When this is combined with a loss of fluids due to sweating, worker reaction times can be reduced. You may be faced with a loss of productivity and an increase in mistakes or accidents. How effectively warehouse functions to support its occupants and how efficiently the warehouse operates to keep costs manageable is extremely important.

The growing proliferation of chemical pollutants in consumer and commercial products, the tendency toward tighter building envelopes, reduced ventilation to save energy, and pressures to defer maintenance and other building services to reduce costs have fostered indoor air quality problems in many buildings. Occupant complaints of odours, stale and stuffy air and symptoms of illness or discomfort breed undesirable conflicts between occupants or tenants and building managers. Lawsuits sometimes follow.

If indoor air quality is not well managed on a daily basis, remediation of ensuing problems and/or resolution in court can be extremely costly. An easy way to fix this issue with no additional running costs is to install a Solar Air Ventilation system like the SolarVenti SVpro that is specifically made for the large size of industrial warehouses.

Warehouses Industrial Machinery, Materials and Products.

If you have a warehouse full of timber, steel, electronics, upholstery, or any other kind of product or raw material that can be damaged by air moisture content, you need to ensure the warehouse is free from excessive humidity and air moisture. If you maintain bio-waste as a result of production, look at our solution.

Remember that even if your warehouse has a main cooling unit, some areas may not benefit due to a lack of air circulation. Proper warehouse ventilation is crucial, but it doesn’t have to break the budget.

How the SolarVenti Pro Works for Industrial Warehouses

The Solar Air Collector is heated by the solar radiation when the sun shines, there is also ambient heat and good drying on overcast days.

The energy, heat and drying converted by the black filtration mat via the solar radiation will be transferred into the building as fresh, low humidity, preheated air.

The air enters the collector through a patented perforated rear wall into a plenum. The air then passes through the absorber filter, made of a black technical material, which is resistant to high temperatures. The material is also the effective air filter.

Unique to this collector is the conversion of solar energy to warm, fresh air. (Recorded temps on 6m2 collector – 56C & 9% R/H -01-06-2017). The air gap between the rear wall and the absorber of the solar air heater provides sufficient thermal resistance to transfer heat energy to the incoming air, eliminating the need for insulation.


  • Short payback time
  • Powerful dehumidification and free supplementary heated fresh air, resulting in lower energy consumption
  • Improves the operation of existing ventilation systems
  • Especially suitable for professional and commercial building applications.