If you are a strata management company looking after an office building or another high occupancy free air building, the SolarVenti Pro ventilation system is for you!

Why Office Buildings need Solar Ventilation

A good working environment can make a big difference for the individual enterprise: studies have shown that a poor indoor climate can affect productivity by as much as 15%.

Poor air quality in office buildings can result in loss of productivity, absenteeism and, in some cases, medical problems. The purpose of this Update is to provide guidelines for property managers and engineers for controlling indoor air quality using building ventilation systems.

How the SolarVenti works for an office building

The SolarVenti Pro will manage the free air in your office building. In conjunction with your current air conditioning systems and ductwork, it will provide adequate ventilation to prevent poor indoor air quality issues.

Ventilation removes the air pollution caused by people and machines and replaces it with new, fresh air. This gives a greater feeling of well-being, and, all things being equal, makes employees more productive. The number of errors made goes up as temperatures rise above the 20 – 22°C.