If you own a commercial garage or auto repair workshop you know all too well that Mechanics work in environments that are greasy and dirty because of the lubed car parts that they work with. The tools and large vehicles may make the environment loud as well. Importantly, the need for ventilation in the shop — to vent away fumes from the chemicals used in repairing and painting cars – is absolutely necessary to make the work environment safe.

Guidelines regarding indoor climate are difficult to handle for the owner of an auto repair shops or a small factory. The need for ventilation depends of the type of working places, types of gasses from machinery, welding processes, the use of chemicals etc. Following the rules for exhaust systems makes the fresh air supply a very expensive part of the budget. The cost for heating the supply air is often a significant part of the general heating expenses. Rules that make the use of heat recovery systems not allowed, make the focus on expenses for supply air event more critical.

 Using the SolarVenti, you can solve ventilation and dehumidifying tasks in an economic and affordable way. The SolarVenti works by preheating the supply air before this enters the oil or gas boiler or the fresh air supply system limits the time, where the expensive heat source is active. Installing a solar air collector, which preheats the outdoor air, before blowing it into the building, is a very cost-effective way of decreasing the cost of oil or gas for heating. A number of solar air panels on the ground, on the wall or on the roof will give a substantial contribution to the heating of the building.

The air enters the collector through a patented double-perforated rear wall. The air passes through the absorber, made of a black technical material, which is resistant to high temperatures. The material is also an effective air filter. Unique to this collector is the conversion of solar energy to warm, fresh air. The air gap between the rear wall and the absorber provides sufficient thermal resistance to transfer heat energy to the incoming air, eliminating the need for insulation. The recommended air volume is 80-150 m3 /h/m2 collector area. Guidelines for air flow in auto repair shops are 15 m3 /h/m2 (an air exchange rate of 3 times per hour).

For technicalities, read the spec sheet here


A HEALTHY business, a COOL business in Summer, a WARM business in Winter, a DRY business all year round, a GREEN business and SAVINGS on your electricity bill. What more could you want from your SolarVenti Ventilation System!