Solar Dehumidifier for Water Vapor In the Air

Although we can’t always see it, there is always moisture in the air. Modern homes and workplaces are significant producers of water vapour. Water vapour can be produced by washing, cooking, bathing, showers and doing laundry. This dampness can cause mould to grow on walls, fabric and furniture which is unsightly and unhealthy. It can cause paint to bubble and wallpaper to peel off. So is very important to be aware of the water vapour produced inside your home or workplace and how to reduce its impact.

How to stay dry with SolarVenti

Whether you need to dry your basement, indoor pool, shipping container or general home or workplace. Ventilation is vital to replace moist, stale air with fresh clean air. It is important to allow air to circulate around the area every day to prevent humidity and water vapour to build up and cause dampness.

SolarVenti uses solar energy and air via the fan units to dehumidify the problem area. Through a combination of heating (blowing hot air) and positive ventilation (intake and extraction of moist air) pulls the content moisture out of the masonry and other materials, then carries the moist air out of the building. In Australia nearly all year round, every time the sun shines the SolarVenti solar air collector will blow free, warm and dry air into the building. Creating positive air pressure, the air pushes the tucked away, moist air out through vents.

Once the SolarVenti system is mounted, the indoor air quality will significantly be improved within a few weeks and you will begin to experience the air as much fresher and less humid to breathe. After a full season with a solar air collector of the right size, both indoor air and the moisture level in the air and solid materials (walls, other building structure, furniture etc.) have fallen significantly. With that structures and air will be at a more ‘comfortable’ level.
It is recommended to purchase the SolarVenti Ventilation Kit with your SolarVenti air collector panel to enhance its drying effects.

Create your own solar drying cupboard or drying room

Our SolarVenti system can be used to heat and ventilate any area in your home and is very cost effective. Supplying clean dry fresh air every day will give you fresh clothes. Stop using your clothes dryer today! Hang your clothes in the dry room and they will be dry in no time!

Drying Bathrooms, Change Rooms & Locker Rooms.

Almost every sports facility has changing rooms and locker rooms and many of them suffer from the ever-present problems of bad sweaty odours and condensation from steam in the shower areas. A correctly sized SolarVenti dehumidifier will banish sweaty odours and resolves that condensation problem at zero running cost. So, whether you are a golf club, or tennis club, you can transform your changing and locker rooms into rooms with a pleasant fresh atmosphere. As many cricket pavilions and some golf and tennis facilities have no mains power. Depending on the size of your changing/locker room you can also provide some supplemental heating too, as the larger SolarVenti units actually warm the incoming air significantly meaning you can reduce your heating costs. Positive Pressure Ventilation
Additionally, a SolarVenti can push dehumidified air back into your home, replacing the air that’s been exhausted through negative pressure. This will dehumidify your home and work to keep bacteria at bay.

A HEALTHY home, a COOL home in Summer, a WARM home in Winter, a DRY home all year round, a GREEN home and SAVINGS on your electricity bill. What more could you want from your SolarVenti Ventilation System!