Swimming pools, swim centres and waterparks are often troubled by condensation droplets forming on the roof.

If you notice that mould spots or mildew are starting to creep along the walls or between tiles, it may be a good indicator that you need a ventilation system like SolarVenti. Mould and mildew, especially black mould, can be a serious health issue, especially in a place such as a swimming pool changing room, which is likely to be frequented by children. Not only does it pose a potentially serious health risk, it spoils the environment that your customers are there to use and enjoy.

Another issue commercial pool owners face is the extreme costs of using a lot of energy. There are several reasons:

  1. Guests must experience a comfortable indoor climate in terms of optimized temperatures in the water and the air.
  2. The ventilation rate must be high to avoid moisture problems in the construction of the building.
  3. Fresh air supply must be optimized to avoid high concentrations of chlorites etc.

The facts above result in high running costs in swimming pools and water parks. Heating is supplied, often even in summertime, to obtain optimal indoor conditions. Supply of heat is often by means of district heating or gas. Furthermore, there is often large windows in indoor swimming pools. In most parts of the year, however, the demand for heat is always expensive in indoor swimming pools and waterparks.

The normal solution:

Different methods are used for obtaining the necessary ventilation rates in indoor swimming pools and water parks.

  1. Heat pumps with mixing unit for partly recirculation of the expensive warm air.
  2. Heat recovery systems for swimming pool and mixing unit for recirculation.
  3. Heat recovery system with mixing unit for recirculation and heat pump.

The three solutions above have one thing in common: heating the cold fresh air and obtaining a good indoor climate is expensive.

The optimized solution:

Installing SolarVenti Pro solar air collectors on the roof or facade of the building is an effective way of reducing the overall building heating costs. The system is designed for the individual application making an optimized solution for the customer. Heating the cold outdoor air using the energy from the sun, makes this a very cost-optimized solution. In the examples (see next page) we calculate with an indoor temperature of 29o degrees C (common for indoor swimming pools) and compensate for high outdoor temperatures. Maintenance free: The filter (which is also the absorber) is automatically cleaned by the heat from the sun when the fan is turned off, and the temperature exceeds 80o degrees C. The system is thus maintenance free.