Ventilation Kit

Ventilation Kit (air in/out)

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A Ventilation Kit can be used in two different ways:

1. Exhaust
A Ventilation Kit can be used as an exhaust for the humid air. An exhaust is necessary in the basement or other buildings, which can’t breath or need extra ventilation. A Ventilation Kit will usually be connected to a SolarVenti basement panel, where the solar cell is able to drive two fans. Thus the exhaust will be working at the same time as the solar air collector.

2. Cooling
A Ventilation Kit can also be used as a cooling kit installed on the north side of the building. The kit will usually be combined with a standard solar air collector – both connected to a regulator with a thermostat. The thermostat regulates the maximum temperature of the room. When the maximum temperature is reached the system stops the injection of warm air (via the solar air collector) and at the same time starts the injection of cold air (via the Ventilation Kit mounted on the north side).

Dimensions: 460 x 360 x 170 mm
Weight: 4.1 kg

1   pc.  Inlet Ring Ø 125 mm
1   pc.  Back Pressure Valve Ø 125 mm
1   pc.  Duct Fan in aluflex 3,4 Watt or 5.1 Watt Incl. 10 m. cable
1   pc.  Grille (alu)
10 pcs. Screws
1   pc.  Supply Air Valve with frame
1   pc.  SV Humidity Stop (patented)