SV14 for wall mounting: Last autumn I installed a SolarVenti SV14 on my weekend house in the mountains (in a height of 920 m). The effect is amazing. Throughout the entire winter the temperature never dropped below 2˚ C – and now that it is spring the temperature in the house is permanently around 10-12˚ C (6-8˚ C higher than during the same period last year).

When we arrive in the weekend house and turn on the heat, a room temperature of 22˚ C is reached easily and fast. I am very satisfied with the product.
Zoran Ogrinc, Pohorje, Slovenia

5 years ago I had a Solarventi installed as I had just bought my house and was experiencing a mould problem.

All was well until 6 months ago it stopped working. Not being in a rush to have it fixed I just left it. After a few months I noticed mould on my ceilings all through the house. Mould on my furniture and being winter I noticed my home was very cold unlike previous winters. I think I just took the vent for granted not realising how much it really was doing, it had been so many years since I had it installed that I had forgotten how bad the mould really was.

My system had been going strong for 5 years so I was worried I’d be up for a fortune to fix it as after so long something major must be wrong with it.

Your team member came to my home fixed it straight away and thank god it was only something minor and was fixed for under $100.

Not only am I extremely happy with the way this system protects my family against mould but also the environment of my home keeping it warm in winter. Not to mention its cost me less than $100 in 5 years to run it. Honestly it’s not until I was without it that I realise that this is the best mould solution I have ever invested in.

Highly recommend.  Peta Chaplin, Central Coast NSW

The SolarVenti is a quality product and is warming my daughters garden cottage she lives in beautifully. She comments on the warmth that greets her on arriving home after dark, having heated the building all day. It’s great the way there are no running costs, just free sun heated air.

Quality product. Duncan Cross, Concord Sydney NSW

“I had the SolarVenti SV30 installed last August (2017). The system is ideal! It has been a year and still no mould, and it keeps the house 5 to 7 degrees warmer throughout winter”.

Ideal mould solution. George Kasbarian, Greenwell Point NSW 

SV14 for roof mounting: Dear Hans Joergen Christensen. Having purchased an SV14 for roof mounting on our 60 m² summer house we now receive a welcome heating supplement – especially during the spring and autumn periods. At the same time the SV14 improves the indoor climate during the cold winter months when it supplies partial heating to the otherwise cold house and replaces the still air with fresh in a natural way.

Rise sommerh

Indoor we measured the incoming air to be 24º C when the outside temperature was only 0º C! A pity that the knowledge of this air based solar collector is not more widespread as so many people could benefit from its qualities. It is a brilliant product which certainly lives up to all the promises made, and it is highly recommendable for many purposes.
Kind regards, Lone and Kurt Rise

Soendervig: We are the happy owners of a summer house by the North Sea. We only use the house during the summer season. Some years ago we had air valves made in all the rooms as the house smelt stuffy in spring. It helped a lot, but we were not completely satisfied.

2xsv7 web

Through a friend we learned about the dehumidification system from “Aidt Miljoe”. We drove up to Aidt. Looked at the system and bought two medium sized which we immediately installed in the summer house. Only 6 weeks passed before we noticed a great improvement of the indoor climate. We can only recommend the dehumidification system from Aidt Miljoe .
Best regards from Inge and Poul Hjorth, Soendervig.

2100 Copenhagen … I’m very satisfied with my SolarVenti. The system meets my highest expectations. The indoor climate of my house is quite different now – no damp and no stale “summer house smell” – everything is just fresh.
Greetings from Bent Eckert, 2100 Copenhagen

Log house: We cannot but praise The SolarVenti. It is a fantastic invention. One year ago we bought a log house. We knew from the start that there were death watch beetles in the woodwork – they have disappeared completely – the house smells fresh and nice even after the winter.

All cupboards and drawers have been kept open throughout the winter period. Even the bed linen smelled good!! It has been and still is a fantastic invention.
Many kind regards from Lilli Larsen.


Caravan with SV3

Hi SolarVenti… We bought an SV3 solar collector for our caravan just before easter. We have now installed it by the kind assistance of your customer service.

The air passes through the cooker hood, so I avoided drilling an extra hole in the caravan. It runs just perfectly and supplies fresh warm air into our caravan. On a sunny day we have measured 22º C and 45% air humidity in the van.

Obviously, we have not tried it during the winter season but we reckon we don’t need the damp removal bags and the pine branches in winter anymore. We are so thrilled that we would like to order an SV14 for our summer house…

Please let us have the solar collector before the end of May as we will start laying our new roof then.
Kind regards, Torben Lynnerup, Aalborg.

Kastrup: It is impossible to praise your large system (SV14) enough. It has now run for three years to our complete satisfaction, and we are very pleased with it whenever we stay in our holiday home.
Kind regards, J.P.Skov Jacob Appels Allé, Taarnby.

2610 Roedovre: Our SolarVenti has now run for a year, started in summer 2002, autumn, winter and now spring 2003. The SolarVenti works far better that we had expected. We used to hang up 4-5 moist removal bags in our 40 m² house, but the house was still cold and damp in winter.

The SolarVenti has solved all our moist problems. It has given us a perfect indoor climate and removed the moldy smell of old summer house… The installation can be done by almost anybody … Here in March we have added a ’free’ heating supplement to our other heat sources. We are so happy with this product that we consider buying one more for our guest cottage…
Kind regards, S. Petersen & I. Knudsen, Valhoejs Allé, 2610 Roedovre

Broager: Christian Brock, Rugtoften 18, 6400 Soenderborg writes: For your information I want to tell you that it is the best investment I have made in my summer house. We use the house every weekend all year round and never arrive to a house filled with damp. If you need a reference in the area around Flensborg Fjord you may use my name.
The address of my summer house is: Agertoften, Brunsnaes, 6310 Broager.

Fjellerup: We write to tell you how pleased we are with our solar heating system. We installed it in our summer house and will not do without it. The house is dry and smells fresh, and when we arrive there on a day during autumn or spring we clearly notice that the temperature is a couple of degrees higher inside the house than outside. So we only need a stick in the wood stove to get the house heated.

Valborg praises it whenever she gets the chance, and she is happy that the furniture, linen and tableware are never damp. Even when we use the wood stove there is no condensation anywhere.

Of course you don’t remember us, because we had the system installed many years ago. We were among the first, I believe, so it is many years ago. I suppose you do not notice how time passes when everything runs smoothly. We have not touched the system since we mounted it. We read that you have developed the system further and therefore we felt inclined to tell you how happy we are with our antiquity. If anybody in the Fjellerup area would like to see it they shall be welcome to drop in.
Kind regards, Valborg og Leo P. Larsen Hinnerup.

Marielyst:   I want to tell you how we got rid of damp in our summer house and at the same time avoided the typical the mouldy smell, the ‘summer house smell’, related to the problem. We own a summer house in Marielyst near Falster where we have had problems due to the high humidity in the area …

I installed an air based solar collector… What makes it so brilliant is that the fan is powered by a separate solar cell so that air is only blown into the house when the sun shines making it possible for the warm air to absorb the damp inside the house. Both smell and damp have disappeared completely as the system runs both summer and winter. It has now been working for four years on free solar power. So it is a solution which I can warmly recommend.
J. Balk Olsen, Fredriksberg

Skive: In week 39 I ordered an air based solar collector incl. solar cell and fans. The delivery was prompt only 3 days later and during the weekend 30/09-00 I mounted the system – easily and simply.

The system was installed on the roof of a small annex from 1942 which is situated adjacent to our home. The two store annex is 35 m² with an open staircase up to the top storey. The air intake is led down to the ground floor in the corner as far off from the staircase as possible. The annex is used by my daughter and heated by a combination of electric heating and wood stove.

The insulation is OK but there are no windows facing north and not much light/warmth coming in from the east or west. So the climate is not optimal, but even now when the system has been working for about 10 days only, we notice a significant improvement of the indoor climate. The system does not produce any noteworthy heating supplement but the tempered air renewal is certainly worth the money.
Kind regards, Ole Iversen


Wooden summer house in a plantation: We own a wooden summer house located in a plantation. The optimal sunlight is ‘only’ 4-5 hours a day, but in spite of this we have got at ‘new’ house. We started out with huge damp problems, water on the inside of the windows, moist bed linen, stale air even though this is a non-smoking house.

All that is history! The system has now run for 10 years without any problems. The indoor temperature is moderately increased, but most importantly: all the damp has gone, and even though the house is left unused for several months it smells fresh and nice! We have also observed that we have been able to keep the house free of frost during several winter periods without the supply of heat! At least that is our experience…
Kind regards, Claus J, Marliese W. Laerkevaenget

Jens Lassen: I can only encourage others to have an air based solar collector (SolarVenti) installed. The benefits are so many!
Kind regards, Jens Lassen

Jens Lassen: I can only encourage others to have an air based solar collector (SolarVenti) installed. The benefits are so many!
Kind regards, Jens Lassen

Damp basement: Drying out a damp basement. For AIDT (concerning the SV30)

A month has now passed since the installation, and encouraged by several periods of fine sunshine I wish to report that the it runs perfectly and to my complete satisfaction. You should not hesitate to recommend such systems for the venting of other basements – even though, of course, a suitable place facing south and an inlet of the air down into the basement will be needed.

I have recommended the project to all those who have cared to listen. Even now when there is only 0-10º outside the basement gets quite warm when the sun shines and the drying out effect is obvious. I won’t need the usual heating in the basement this summer and at the same time it is getting more and more dry…

The air is sucked in through the chimney which was used for a furnace 10 years ago. As expected there was a slight smell at the beginning but after a week it stopped. The air now seems quite fresh. So once again – our best recommendations and thank you for all the fine work you have done with a quality product.
Kind regards, Per Callesen C.F. Richsvej 65

SolarVenti solar ventilation system
We purchased the SolarVenti to keep a 12m by 9m room with no windows (room within a room) ventilated and dry.

We are very happy with its performance. There is no mouldy smell and the room feels ventilated. My grand piano has not been as affected as it usually is during the winter (although I have plugged in the electric bar to keep it at a constant humidity level now to keep the tone stable).

We are aware that in the first year, the SolarVenti unit blows in more air than expected and are curious to gauge the amount of warmth that it will produce during the Mauritian “winter”.

We have had no cyclones to date, and have been reassured by Eamon that it will stand up to cyclone winds given its design. We will keep you posted on how it performs in cyclonic weather.

We had no issues at with the process of buying and shipping it from Australia. It was all very smooth.

The biggest issues for us was the challenge of planning where and how to install it given that this technology is very new here. The planning part was difficult as the purpose of the room is for live music, so we wanted to minimize the number of holes that could compromise soundproofing. This process was done practically blind through emailing the plans and getting response from Eamon, reacting to it, and getting response back. Then co-ordinating with the architect and builders – not an easy feat. But it worked out alright at the end of the process. We had not foreseen that part of the roof pyramid shape might cause shadow on the solar panel area – but fortunately for us, this does not cause shadow on the panel till late afternoon, and none during our Winter when warm, dry air is most needed. Buying the right smooth pipes was also a challenge given that the SolarVenti duct dimension is not common here. We visited more than a dozen shops over the island.

We are yet to see how this will affect soundproofing when there is loud music at night (as the indoor inlet valve is situated on the wooden stage side – see middle photo). So there is a channel through the duct for sound to travel to the roof, but if this is the case, then we will make a well insulated cover for the indoor inlet valve for use when there are night concerts to dampen sound.

The how-to-install part was also difficult, given that my husband and I were doing it DIY. We are sure it required all the patience in the world for Eamon to advise us country bumpkins for many steps of the way for the installation – mostly understanding the electricals – the manual was also very, very useful. But for us, it was worth all the trouble.

So here it is, the first SolarVenti in Mauritius!

Rajni Lallah, SV20, Forest-Side, Mauritius, Installed September 2017

The power bill from NOE was halved: Not only did the Taulbjerg family halve their power bill in their summer house in Gjellerodde after having installed an SV30 from NOE. The family also had the indoor climate improved both summer and winter. The surplus heating in winter is led into a shed where the tools have never been better: Egil Taulbjerg from Holstebro says that his family has used electric heating in the summer house since 1966. The total power bill has normally been € 1,500 – € 1,600 a year in the 110 m² summer house. Half of the power bill covered the amount spent in order to keep the house frost free during the winter season.

– We have heated the house with electricity all year round. Even though we haven’t used the house very much during the winter period. With the SV30 we still heat the house all year round. Even in the very cold period we have almost free hands to decide the temperature of the house just by using the solar heating. Even during the coldest period this winter there was 8º C. And we were still repaid € 770 that is half of the total power bill. Such a reduction means that the about € 2,200 paid for the SV will be returned in three years.

And he adds that if there is a very cold winter with long periods without any sun the temperature in the house may fall to a few degrees Celsius – but never below zero. Always nice to move into.

The family, of course, is more than happy to save money. But for them it is just as important to be welcomed by a warm and dry house even if the temperature is 30º C below zero outside. – We feel that the indoor climate has improved. Fresh air is blown into the house from outside. Our summer house is made of wood, and I believe that the heat inside helps drawing out moist from the wood. The result is that it will last longer, says Egil Taulbjerg. The family is so satisfied with the system that they have installed two more. One in another summer house in Kollund and one in a hunting cottage without power installations.

Soendervig summer house, SV30:

I bought an SV30 from you a couple of years ago. I have just had some craftsmen doing various jobs on my summer house. They worked there in December and January and were very surprised by the fresh air in the house. No stale old summer house smell.

I, myself, have now worked there for several weekends. The sky has been clear most of the time and the SV30 has blown fresh air with a temperature of 46º C into the house when the outdoor temperature was 3ºC, that is an increase of more that 40º C.

We have shut off the heaters on the days when the sun was shining.
Kind regards, Olaf West, summer house in Soendervig.