Save on your Electricity Bill with SolarVenti

Power prices are in the news, prompting households and businesses to take a fresh look at energy consumption. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to lower your bills by changing how and when you use energy.

Heating and cooling account for 40% of an average Australian’s household electricity bill according to the Australian Government 2012.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported in 2013 that on average, an Australian household spends $99 per week on energy. This is typically split between $39 for electricity or gas and $60 for petrol.

“Households in the coldest climate zone – the ACT, Tasmania and parts of Victoria and NSW – had the highest overall costs, spending $47 per week on energy within their homes,” commented Stephanie Cornes, a representative from the ABS.

SolarVenti Savings

Households with SolarVenti spent less each week than households who are reliant on their electric air conditioner or electric heater to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

It may seem like a small change at the bottom of a wallet but saving a few dollars every week adds up by the end of the year. Extra money for your holiday, funds towards school supplies or savings for super are all options for using this additional income.

By using the SolarVenti you can save money & cut down on energy wastage while meeting your needs for convenience and comfort. The SolarVenti has a very short payback time since the savings are so prevalent.

Recent real estate studies also suggest that one in 10 people are prepared to pay up to 29% more for a sustainable home or business. So, the SolarVenti is a very smart investment. Not only do you get a return on investment through energy savings, but your home/business is also increased in value.


A HEALTHY home, a COOL home in Summer, a WARM home in Winter, a DRY home all year round, a GREEN home and SAVINGS on your electricity bill. What more could you want from your SolarVenti Ventilation System!