SControl is an advanced system management suitable for temperature, moisture and time management.

When connected to the power grid, it is able to provide a regular humidified ventilation even when the sun is not shining.

The controller requires at least connection to an air collector and temperature sensor in the air collector.

The system is available in the following variants:

SControl set 1 – Control, solar sensor PT1000
SControl set 2 – Control, solar sensor PT1000, 12V power supply
SControl set 2CC – for cooling
SControl set 3 (for cellular systems) – Control, solar sensor PT1000, 12V power supply, combi cooler
SControl set 4 – Control, solar sensor PT1000, 12V power supply, 2 pcs. Combination sensor
SControl set 5 – Control, solar sensor PT1000, 12V power supply, 2 pcs. Combi fan, room sensor (temp.)




SolarVenti SControl is a regulator for air collectors, which has a wide range of applications, and developed specifically for the efficient SolarVenti systems.

Using two separate inputs for the power supply of the controller, this can be operated either by a solar module or a power supply or both at the same time.

Following the menu you can adapt the control strategy to different ventilation systems. All settings and measurements can be displayed on the backlit graphical display.

In addition to the many programmable features, the equipment also includes a backup battery and a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. Many basic features and measurements are thus possible without extra equipment. (Such as measurement of dew point).

Due to the flexibility of the essential functions, SControl can be adapted to ventilation systems with the most diverse needs. As a control device for SolarVenti systems, the temperature (collector and room), humidity (RH), dew point and time functions are used.


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