SVPro – For Commercial Projects


The SVPro is our largest solar air collector panel. It is used for large scale commercial projects and therefore is not used stand alone, but in rows. There are a huge range of possibilities for SolarVenti commercial use including healthy ventilation for schools and care facilities, agricultural crop & produce drying, indoor commercial pool dehumidification, yoga healthy class heating, pet shop deodorisation, underground mining air quality, and so many more! What will your business use the SolarVenti Pro for? Let us know!


Advantages of SolarVenti ® SVPro Units

  • Active Solar Heating and drying
  • Full filtration for night purging – free cooling.
  • Improved Health and Efficiency
  • Low Installation Costs
  • No Costs for Dehumidification
  • Guaranteed Payback


Positioning of SolarVenti ®  SVPro Units

  • Installation near Ventilation intake units
  • SVPro solar air collectors are designed for roofs (or ground) with little or no slope.
  • SVPro solar air collectors are optimally installed facing as close to due North as possible.
  • A deviation of up to 45 degrees from due North is possible, by simply increasing the area of solar collectors.
  • Max. length per row of collectors: 20 meters, For large air volumes, more rows of solar collectors are recommended.



Dimension: (L x W x D) 1004 x 1970 x 300mm
Weight: 10kg per module
Filter:  Absorber, 1,25 m2 absorber / felt per m2 collector. 2 mm black polyester
Cover: 10 mm Polycarbonate (UV and hail resistant)

Pressure drop:
25 Pa / 50 m3/m2 collector,
75 Pa / 100 m3/m2 collector,
175 Pa / 150 m3/m2 collector

Efficiency: 70% at an air flow of 125m3/m2 collector
Max. energy output: Approx. 842 W/m2 collector
Average energy output: 500 – 800 kWh/m2 (depends on type of control system)

SolarVenti SVPro for Commercial and industrial use